Pricing & Sales Tax

All prices displayed on our website are shown in GBP £ Sterling. 20% VAT (Sales Tax) is charged on all products. Prices on our site are shown with and without sales tax.

VAT will only apply to customers ordering from within the United Kingdom.

There is a currency convertor on our site, which when selected to the currency of your choice will give you an approximate price in that currency. Please bear in mind that this is a guide and currency rates can fluctuate on a daily basis.


As the UK has now left the EU this means that small changes have to be made to the way we sell our products to our EU customers. The key differences are as follows:

  • EU customers will now be able to shop with UK VAT (20%) automatically deducted.
  • Once we dispatch your purchase, our courier FedEx or your postal service will contact you in order to pay your own country’s tax and any duties that may be applicable.
  • All international parcels will have a discreet customs declaration attached and once you have paid the charges, you will be able to receive the goods without delay as usual.

These arrangements have worked for many years across the world and we hope that you will find the new process easy.

We are sorry if this is any way an inconvenience, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.