Rubber Care

Caring for and getting the most out of your rubber products 

It is normal for your rubber wear to arrive looking dull, as it is not polished before sending. Some people prefer to wear it like that but most will want it to have a deep shine. By following this information you will achieve that shine, and also prolong the life of your garment.

When putting on your latex, apply talcum powder, or one of the dressing aids available from our website, on the inside of your garment and directly to your skin. Vividress or Pjur dressing aid is perfect to assist you into your latex.

When putting on tight leggings, or a cat suit, or tight sleeves do not simply pull them on. Gripping far too tight and pulling too hard can cause the latex to stretch and distort. Line up the garment to ensure that the seams are straight before you start to put it on, then use your hands to roll and smooth the rubber along your legs and arms. Wipe off any excess talc from the outside of the garment with a clean damp cloth, rinse the cloth and repeat the process until all the powder has been removed. If using Vividress or Pjur rub any excess over the garment, either using your hands or buff up with a soft damp cloth or sponge.

To make your rubber shine we recommend the use of Vivishine or Pjur Ultra Spray. All are available from our website. Follow the instructions on the label of the products themselves.

After wearing your garment, we recommend that you rinse it using warm water or Viviclean, or another suitable cleaning brand for latex. Please note we would not advise the immersion of reinforced items such as harnesses, belts, or collars into water to prevent damage. The best way to clean a reinforced items is to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Always allow your garment to completely dry before storing away; failure to do so can lead to problems with adhesion of parts of the garment together, creasing and mould.

To avoid fading and bleaching, store your garments away from heat and direct sunlight.

Never use oil-based products, such as crisco, or baby oil as they will destroy the latex. Take particular care with the use of oil based lubricants.

Rubber is strong and pliable and if properly used will last for years, but it does have weaknesses which can irreparably damage it. Snags on metal netting on the walls of clubs, for example, wreak havoc with it, and catching it on a metal clamp, or dog tag, or sling shackles can easily make holes in it. Luckily those sorts of holes are quickly and easily repaired.

Semi trans latex and light-coloured latex are susceptible to marking from metal objects, even the press studs from a cod piece. To avoid this always store your latex products separately, and never fold directly on to the studs. Always re-attach the cod piece to your suit otherwise the metal may harm the rubber it comes in to contact with leaving marks.

Looking after products with Lairtex (perforated latex) When putting on a garment that come with our Lairtex panels, please ensure that you do not catch your fingers or feet in the perforated holes. This is a delicate fabric and we advise that you take your time to ensure that you don't damage the suit.

By storing your latex correctly it will last and give you years of pleasure.