Rubber Neck Entry Catsuit With Cod Piece

  • Product Code: SU008

Our Rubber Neck Entry Catsuit with cod piece is an Invincible Rubber Classic. To get into this super comfy suit, simply stretch open the reinforced neck and climb in! The unique pattern behind this suit has enabled us to eliminate both side seams giving it a cleaner appearance and feel. The suit also comes with our classic, tried & tested 3 panel cod piece and has the option to add a rear zip to maximise the suits play potential. This suit is available in a wide spectrum of colours and can have endless combinations of stripes or wording added to ensure you get a suit that’s completely personal to you.

Key Features:

  • Has detachable 3 panel cod piece
  • 2" 5cm diameter cod piece hole
  • Reinforced neck line
  • Option to change neck line colour
  • Has optional Invincible emblem on chest
  • Latex grade 0.017" - 0.020" , 0.45mm
  • #rubberneckentrysuit

Available Options

£249.95 Inc Tax
Ex Tax: £208.29

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