Moulded Latex

Rubber Anatomical Hood
£44.95 Ex Tax: £37.46
Anatomical hood Has reinforced eye & mouth holes Made from thin gauge moulded latex On..
Rubber Puppy Hood
£51.95 Ex Tax: £43.29
Rubber puppy hood Has open eyes & split mouth Has back zip One size Made using medium grad..
Rubber Shadow Mask
£61.95 Ex Tax: £51.63
Rubber shadow mask Open eyes & mouth Nostril & ear holes Zip fastening at back One siz..
Inflatable Butterfly Gag
£32.95 Ex Tax: £27.46
Inflatable butterfly gagPump up Available in black ..
Rubber Anatomical Mask
£41.95 Ex Tax: £34.96
Rubber moulded anatomical mask Has mouth, eyes & nose hole Made using thin gauge latex ..
Rubber Balaclava
£52.95 Ex Tax: £44.13
Rubber balaclava Has mouth, eyes & nostril holes Back zip Made from thin gauge moulded ..
Rubber Gummi Mask
£51.95 Ex Tax: £43.29
Rubber gummi mask Open eyes & mouth Zip fastening Available in black One size ..
Rubber Masculine Mask
£61.95 Ex Tax: £51.63
Rubber masculine mask Open eyes & Mouth Zip back Available in black One size ..
Rubber Pig Mask
£61.95 Ex Tax: £51.63
Rubber pig mask Open eyes & mouth Zip fastening at back Available in Black One size ..
Rubber Socks
£25.95 Ex Tax: £21.63
Socks (Molded) Latex grade 0.017" - 0.020", 0.45mm ..
Rubber Stockings
£34.95 Ex Tax: £29.13
Rubber Stockings (Moulded) ..
Rubber Toe Socks
£25.95 Ex Tax: £21.63
Rubber toe socks (Moulded) Available in black and Red   ..
Rubber Wrist Length Gloves
£17.95 Ex Tax: £14.96
Rubber Wrist Length Gloves (Moulded) ..
Rubber Elbow Length Gloves
£24.95 Ex Tax: £20.79
Elbow length gloves (Moulded) ..
Rubber Shoulder Length Gloves
£28.95 Ex Tax: £24.13
Shoulder length gloves (Moulded) ..
Rubber Interrogation Gloves
£20.95 Ex Tax: £17.46
Interrogation gloves (Moulded) Please measure from your middle finger to wrist where you wish you..
Rubber Industrial Elbow Length Gloves
£26.95 Ex Tax: £22.46
Industrial heavy rubber elbow length gloves Moulded rubber item. ..
Rubber Inflatable Balloon Gag
£24.95 Ex Tax: £20.79
Inflatable balloon gag Pump up One size Available in black ..
Rubber Masturbation Sleeve
£31.95 Ex Tax: £26.63
Masturbation pump up sleeve Add a little lube, slide over penis, pump and enjoy! Available in..
Rubber Anatomical C & B Sheath Large
£13.95 Ex Tax: £11.63
Anatomical C&B sheath large 6" in length and 5" diameter Available in black One size Mould..
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