Chap Suits

Rubber Chaps Suit
£90.95 Ex Tax: £75.79
Chaps Suit Shown with optional side stripes Latex Grade 0.017" - 0.020",0.45mm Heavy latex ..
Rubber Cycle Chaps Suit
£194.95 Ex Tax: £162.46
Play it your way with our Rubber Cycle Chaps suit. This perfect play suit is available in a full spe..
Rubber Shortie Chaps Suit
£138.95 Ex Tax: £115.79
Rubber shortie chaps suitHas full tank back Comes with 1cm contrasting trim on neckline, arm hole..
Rubber Y-Back Chaps Suit
£128.95 Ex Tax: £107.46
Rubber Y-back chaps suit Comes with contrasting trim neck, arms, front & back openings Late..
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