Short Shorts

Rubber Boy Shorts
£42.95 Ex Tax: £35.79
Boy shorts Low rise rubber shorts 2.5", 6cm inside leg Latex Grade 0.017" - 0.020" ,0.45..
Rubber Chaps Shorts
£56.95 Ex Tax: £47.46
Chaps Shorts Cut away at front and backOptional stripes available Please measure 4cms down ..
Rubber Low Rise Backless Shorts
£42.95 Ex Tax: £35.79
Low rise backless shorts Latex Grade 0.017" - 0.020" ,0.45mm ..
Rubber Midi Shorts
£42.95 Ex Tax: £35.79
Midi Shorts Latex Grade 0.017" - 0.020" ,0.45mm ..
Rubber Running Shorts
£78.95 Ex Tax: £65.79
Running shorts with elasticated waist band Trimmed edging Vintage style Latex grade 0.017" ..
Rubber Boy Shorts With Contrasting Side Stripes
£56.95 Ex Tax: £47.46
Rubber Boy shorts with contrasting side stripesLow rise shorts2.5" 6cm inside legCome with 3 x 1cm s..
Rubber Chap Shorts With Trim
£73.95 Ex Tax: £61.63
Chaps shorts with trim Has side & leg stripes Comes with the Invincible Logo Latex Gr..
Rubber Chap Trimmed Shorts
£64.95 Ex Tax: £54.13
Rubber chap trimmed shortsCome with 1cm trim on front and back Latex Grade 0.017" - 0.020" ,0..
Rubber Dirty Pup Backless Shorts
£96.95 Ex Tax: £80.79
Rubber Dirty Pup backless shortsHas the small Dirty Pup Logo on the left hand front of s..
Rubber Low Rise Backless Shorts Front Zip
£77.95 Ex Tax: £64.96
Rubber low rise backless shorts with zip front Has contoured pouch front Latex Grade 0.017 ..
Rubber Target Shorts
£80.95 Ex Tax: £67.46
Target shorts Front zip & backless Has contoured zip up pouch front Contrast trimmed a..
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