Our pledge to you

Invincible Rubber's goal is to provide our customers with a completely confidential service

Invincible is an exceptional company with excellent ideas, innovative designers, skilled personnel and first-rate customer service. We offer stylised handmade quality garments that are excellent value for money. Here at Invincible we ship our products worldwide. We provide a custom design service, as well as commissions, not to mention our extensive off-the-peg range. Everything we supply is of the highest quality and. We use only the best materials available and of course everything we make is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship. Our aim is to deliver quality and excellent service, giving you peace of mind. All of our garments are handmade here in the UK at our centrally located workshop in Nottingham. Personal callers are always very welcome. We have a showroom which is open to the public from 9am till 5.30pm Monday – Thursday and 4.30pm on Fridays. No matter what your requirements or desires are please feel free to contact us in the fullest confidence.

Invincible is where we turn your dreams and fantasies into reality.