Can my Latex be repaired?

APRIL 2020 - PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY REPAIRS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC - We will provide this service when it safe to do so.

Should your latex be damaged we will do our best to repair it.

So we can assess the nature of the damage and the cost of repair e mail customerservices@invinciblerubber.com with clear high-resolution images of the garment and the damage that needs our attention. We will then contact you and discuss the options. Some repairs will not be economic, and we will tell you if that is the case. If you wish to have the garment repaired, then:

Please wash the garment to remove all of the latex polish.

Should we need to wash the garment due to the presence of latex polish we will add that cost to the repair charges. Polishes, dressings and other substances have to be removed as latex can only be glued when it is clean.

Please talc lightly to avoid the garment sticking to itself.

Then please pack and ship to us at I Rubber Ltd -Invincible 4A Shipstones Business Centre North Gate Nottingham NG7 7FN UK.

If your light or semi trans latex is marked or tarnished there is no way of removing that mark. Always follow the care guide card provided with your order. Latex is durable but can easily be damaged or torn if care is not taken. Pointed objects can pierce or tear latex, but such damage can usually be easily repaired. Once an item is damaged please do not continue to wear it as that is likely to make the damage worse.

Returns from outside of the EU

When returning an item from outside the EU for repair or exchange it is vital that you complete on the paperwork and on the outside of the package itself that the value is nil. You have already paid the customs duties when you received the item, and by returning it to us the value has become nil. If you do not do this we will be liable for import duty which we are not prepared to pay. We will reject the package and it will be returned to you.

Repairs to items we have not made

We will consider repairing latex items made by other reputable manufacturers. Always follow the procedure above, and tell us the identity of the maker.