Can my Latex be repaired?

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT LIMITED REPAIRS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC - We will provide a full service when it safe to do so.

Should your latex be damaged we will do our best to repair it. So we can assess the nature of the damage and the cost of repair, please email customerservices@invinciblerubber.com with clear images of the affected area that needs attention. We will then contact you and discuss the options.

If we agree to repair your garment, then please ensure it has been washed properly and all that all latex polish/dressing aids have been removed. Please talc lightly to avoid the garment sticking to itself.

Ship your parcel with a note containing your contact details to us at Invincible Rubber 4A Shipstones Business Centre North Gate Nottingham NG7 7FN UK.

If your light or semi trans latex is marked or tarnished there is no way of removing that mark. Always follow Rubber Care Guide . Latex is durable but can easily be damaged or torn if care is not taken. Pointed objects can pierce or tear latex, but such damage can usually be repaired. Once an item is damaged please do not continue to wear it as that is likely to make the damage worse.

When returning an item from outside the EU for repair, please clearly mark any customs declarations and on the packaging that it is being returned for repair and has zero value. All repairs must be authorised before returning to us. Please note that a repair will never be as strong as the original garment.