Can my Latex be repaired?

Repairing your Latex Garments

Should you ever find that your garment has torn in anyway, that it requires repairs.

Most damage can be repaired, and we will repair this as best we can, trying to make the repair as invisible as is possible.

That is not always the case it depends on the damage of course, sometimes it is quicker and easier to re-make than repair.

Especially with a garment that has a lot of detail in the manufacture of it, please check with us for a full more detailed course of action.

Please first contact us and send us some clear and high-resolution images of the garment and the damage that needs our attention. Please do not just send the item to us as not all damage is repairable in an economical sense. When we have checked the damage and given you our advice and if it can be repaired, then please first.

Please wash the garment to remove all of the latex polish, our glues will not stick if latex polish is still present after washing.

Should we need to wash the garment due to the presence of latex polish we will add that cost to the repair charges. To avoid this charge please wash the latex polish from the rubber, once washed please talc lightly to avoid the garment from sticking to itself. Then please pack and ship to us here at I Rubber Ltd - invincible 4a Shipstones Business Centre North Gate Nottingham NG7 7FN.

If returning an item outside of the UK, then please always ensure that you follow the procedure detailed here to avoid any added customs charges as these will be your responsibility should they be applied to the parcel entering the UK.

To contact us to discuss any repair issues please send an email via;


No repairs should be sent to us without first contacting us thank you.

Once your light or Semi Trans Colour is marked or tarnished there is no way of removing that mark! ensure you always follow the care guide card provided with your order for latex.

Latex is durable but like any material it also has its limits, and these are often over looked, hard heavy play can result in damage occurring. Then there is the accidental damage a catch on a sharp object even without realising it has happened. All of which result in the material tearing or splitting open, like we have mentioned most repairs are repairable. So do not panic and please do not continue to wear the clothing it may damage even further, remove wash and contact us to discuss your options thank you.